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Trust And Obey

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Other than my introduction, this is my first blog entry and I have to do this right and in order: by honoring God. So, this entry will come straight from the Word of God: the Bible. Now, yes, I will feature a variety of topics and ideas on this blog, so don't box me in. God is the Essence of Order and Truth and acknowledgment of this fact optimizes life. So now that the air is clear... Let's go!
Joshua 1:1-9. So many thoughts, ideas, and revelations spring to the mind immediately after reading this passage. But I will keep it simple. Originally these were God's words to Joshua who took the reigns as leader of the Israelites after the death of Moses. But the truth in this message is timeless and applicable anywhere. The ultimate message here is that the Lord is the Conqueror. Later in this book, Joshua and the Israelite army would fight tough battles and endure pain and agony, but God, being the Creator and Beginning and End to every…

My name is Matthew

Hello world! My name is Matthew Thomas although most people call me "Matt," I don't mind either. I am currently a 22-year old work in progress and I am a dreamer. Throughout most of my life I have been rather uptight, shy, and very insecure. This stemmed from a sense of inferiority, mediocrity and low self-esteem. I overcame that mentality while in college. I met so many wonderful people, involved myself in student activities and as time went on, the fear, insecurity, and timidity was replaced with courage, boldness, and humor. A combination of all of these pulled out the best in me, so here I am! I am energetic, observant, I love fun (the right way), food, laughter, family, sports, movies, hanging out with friends and making new ones.

I recently graduated in May '11 from the University of West Georgia with a B.A. in Economics (the thing that makes the world go 'round). I'm currently pursuing many interests and business ventures with this degree in hand. I…