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Trust And Obey

           Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Other than my introduction, this is my first blog entry and I have to do this right and in order: by honoring God. So, this entry will come straight from the Word of God: the Bible. Now, yes, I will feature a variety of topics and ideas on this blog, so don't box me in. God is the Essence of Order and Truth and acknowledgment of this fact optimizes life. So now that the air is clear... Let's go!

Joshua 1:1-9.
            So many thoughts, ideas, and revelations spring to the mind immediately after reading this passage. But I will keep it simple. Originally these were God's words to Joshua who took the reigns as leader of the Israelites after the death of Moses. But the truth in this message is timeless and applicable anywhere.
            The ultimate message here is that the Lord is the Conqueror. Later in this book, Joshua and the Israelite army would fight tough battles and endure pain and agony, but God, being the Creator and Beginning and End to everything, has already given Joshua the victory; however,  He does give Joshua a few commands: 1. "Arise, go over this Jordan" (v.2) 2. "Be strong and of good courage" (v.6) 3. "Be strong and very courageous" (v.7) 4. "Don't abandon the law" (v.7) 5. Meditate on God's Word (v.8) 6. "Be strong and of good courage" (v.9) 7. "Do not be afraid, nor dismayed" (v.9).
            God is concise in His instructions. They are as clear as a cloudless, sunny day. God gave these words to Joshua in the face of great uncertainty. Joshua knew God had a great destiny and purpose for his life, but all God promised Israel's new leader was victory, the Promised Land.  God never said "how" neither did He say "when" but He did promise victory. Joshua's job was to follow God's simple instructions and please note the emphasis on strength and courage.
            Obedience has great rewards. Joshua did not depart from these very words that the Lord spoke to Him at the very beginning of his time as leader of the Israelites. As a result, later in this book, God gave Joshua the power to part the Jordan River at a time of high tide, tear down the walls of Jericho, and win a rematch against the army of Ai, amongst so many other notable victories. These were no easy tasks and truly nothing a human on his/her own power could possibly do. For us, these victories stand as memorials of how great God is and what He can do for those who obey and put their trust in Him.
            Now, just for a second, think about your own worries, problems, and that seemingly impossible and uncertain situation that's troubling you... Like Joshua, as we place our issues in God's Hands and follow His instructions (His Word), we  also relinquish our own human inabilities and shortcomings and allow God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to do what He does best: the impossible! If He made the galaxies, the universe, Heaven, Earth, and everything else you can think of, then surely He has the power to move every force of nature to see to it that you are taken care of and that you too get the victory! But His instructions weren't written to be ignored. Spend time reading His Word, pray, operate in courage and strength, and kick out fear and doubt!
            Thank Him before the triumph. Thank Him after the triumph. Hope you were blessed. Thanks for reading.

"When in the midst of the wind, thank God for the win. For when you thank Him for the win, the wind becomes a when, visibly a win."

Piano + Economics = Pianomics


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The Synth Sounds

I am excited to share that my first jazz project is nearing completion. (Also why this is my first post this month).

Other than piano, you can definitely expect to hear sounds of 1980's and 1990's-era synthesizers filtered throughout the upcoming album.

I admire the newer sounds we have today, but none of them quite replicate the original, synth-led sounds of 80's and 90's music.

In my opinion, 80's and 90's sounds present the perfect crossover of analog and digital mixes that were limitless in use and expression.

It is no wonder that modern synthesizers today still draw inspiration from 80's and 90's technology. It was simply some of the most innovative audio machinery ever created.

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CFC Youth Day was nothing short of remarkable.

Children, teenagers, young adults (my generation) sang, danced, praised, and worshiped God with passion, love, joy, energy, and sincerity.

We led, both, the 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM services and the LORD ministered through us in His own powerful way.

I am very grateful to have preached at the 10:00 AM service. (Came from 2 Timothy 1:7).

Something amazing happens when we move ourselves out of the way and allow the LORD to communicate His Word through us. He does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. And when you summarize the meaning He brings to life, you realize that all the of the glory belongs to Him.

The reality of God's presence gives life, and everything we involve ourselves in, brand new meaning.

God's awesomeness was displayed in a monumental way today. A flame was kindled in our youth and the church as a whole.

Today was special.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make today such a great success, you know who you are!


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