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The 4 G's of Event Planning

          Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! If you're reading this text right now perhaps you find yourself having to plan an event or program and are looking for some sound advice. Well don't panic, you're in the right place at the right time (unless you have less than 24 hours to put it all together). The 4 G's of Event Planning are tested and true and apply to any venue for any organization or cause. The 4 G's are a treasure map for which I do not take credit because I am not the originator. My dad is. Yep, Dr. Stephen A. Thomas is the originator. In case you didn't know, my dad is my hero and he gave me the green light to share his theory with the rest of the world. With that stated, I do have experience in event planning. Amongst those: the University of West Georgia Employer Night 2011. An event I assisted in coordinating, promoting and emceed. Attendance reached a high that had not been seen in recent years and both faculty and staff walked away impressed with our professionalism and presentation. And most recently, last Friday to be exact, C.OUR.AGE, a night of music and fellowship at my church for local youth that is already being highly requested again. I emceed that event as well. After reading this entry, I hope you put the 4 G's of Event Planning to the test and contact me to let me know of your results. Then share your findings with someone else, also leave a question or comment at the bottom of my page. Well here we go.
       The first "G" is figuring the Goal. What do you want your planned event to accomplish? Are there any objectives you wish to achieve? How should attendees leave your planned event feeling? Depending on the magnitude of the occasion, how many people do you want in attendance? Perhaps you are shooting for a record attendance this year or looking to do a repeat of last year's victory. The list of goals can be whatever you want them to be, but keep them realistic and unless you're planning or coordinating an event with a reputable name or with a  reputable organization, here's a bit of advice: don't over-do it and don't despise a small beginning.
            The Gameplan is the next "G." The gameplan places more focus on how to accomplish the goals set forth. The gameplan puts more light on detail and strategy. "How," "when," and "where," are all addressed here. The gameplan is all about taking action and regardless of the venue, will involve numbers to some degree: times, dates, order of beverages, number of greeters, how many orders of a favored dish should be requested, maximum seating capacity of the ceremony hall. Negligence here will almost certainly guarantee failure in achieving the goals.
            Next comes the most important "G". The Group. You don't need a team of superstars, but you do need some trustworthy, creative, and selfless individuals. Responsibility and integrity are crucial in building a committed team. Diversity is an attribute of a winning group. A group of opinionated extroverts will likely lead to chaos, confusion, and drama. But on the flipside,  assembling a group of America's Quietest... well let's see just how far you get with that. If Silent Susie is uncomfortable speaking publicly, but generates eye-catching advertisements with ease, put her in position to use her strengths. This will benefit both her and the group.
            The last "G" is the Gold. The money. Assign an estimated cost to each action item listed in your gameplan that requires money. Accuracy is more vital here than anywhere else. Unless given a blank check, try not to be too lavish in your spending. In some cases, creativity can cover more ground than the money ever could. Take into account every little factor and detail and continuously monitor your funds. It is the numerical value upon which your event stands.
            If you fail to plan you plan to fail and the 4 G's of Event Planning has thus far proven to be a winning plan. Again I encourage you to try mapping out your next event using this model and see just how well it works. When the big day arrives, embrace the moment. Take a picture to remind yourself of each success and let the picture serve as a memorial to the work you put in.   Event planning should be an ever increasing challenge to your creativity and once the event is over, a reward to you and your team's diligence and perseverance. If the furnace gets too hot and you feel stress or pressure for whatever reason, back away for a little knowing your carefully selected group has your back.
            Thanks for reading. God Bless!


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