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God of My Youth

            Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by. This entry stems from an event that took place at my church on March 9 called C.OUR.AGE. A night of worship and fellowship for local youth. In case you missed it or even if you were there, I hope this encourages and motivates you.
            Living for God in my youth simply means "I'm building a foundation for the rest of my life by trusting in God now." It's usually not popular. It's not what everyone else is doing. And the reason why so many people lose heart in doing it is because it's not easy. It's a lifestyle that teaches discipline.
            Spiritually it gives security both in the present and in the future. Ecclesiastes 12:1 perfectly explains why it is wise and critical to live for God now rather than waiting until you hit 40-something. Serving God in my youth is an unwavering choice to obey and love God in both the good and bad times.
            Now I am an 80's baby ('89ers Stand Up!) currently 22 years old, but My generation (± 15 years older or younger), like any other generation faces many problems and obstacles. However, the ones we face our far different from anything that history has ever seen before: Our easy access to the  Internet alone is a HUGE difference, but I live in the generation of the Social Security burden, the lyrics in our music undoubtedly gets worse and worse, exposure to sex occurs earlier and earlier, and our desire for instant gratification is probably times 100 that of previous generations... I could go on forever, but the challenges are there, and no matter the struggle, based on 1 John 2:16-17, the enemy still reveals himself in three ways: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

    Lust of the flesh- those sinful cravings and desires that aren't good for us or our bodies.
    Lust of the eyes- what's appealing to our eye sight that sparks those lustful feelings of the flesh.
    Pride of life- Y.O.L.O., the choice to live it up now without considering what matters to God.

           Let's pause right here, before I go any further, let me say I am not opposed to having fun. If it ain't fun, it ain't me. However, I am aware that there are certain activities and actions that God does not delight in. Not because God is a fun-hating square who doesn't want you to enjoy life, but because He, being our creator, is aware of the train wreck that comes emotionally, physically, and spiritually after we sin. He wants to spare us the agony and foolishness. God knows that life apart from Him will never deliver what it advertises.
            The enemy wants us to question God's Word, Wisdom, and His Will. The enemy, Satan or the devil, wants nothing more than to rob you of every bit of joy, peace, and happiness that God truly wants you to have. Immorality, greed, and all sorts of unintended and unfavorable consequences come when we give ear to the enemy. Now again, his attacks, like anything else, have changed with the times. The lust-driven music videos and commercials and dirty internet sites didn't exist in the Bible as they do today, but Satan, the enemy of our souls, still uses the same strategy as he did in the Garden of Eden. He wants us to doubt God's Word (Genesis 3:1), Wisdom (Genesis 3:4-5), and Will (Genesis 3:6-7). So from Eve to the temptation of Jesus to our parents, to now there's no difference in what the enemy wants: you living a confined life bound to confusion and pity, disconnected from God.
            Understand that God loves us (1 John 4:7-11). So it makes all the sense in the world as to why the enemy would target us youngters. We're the generation that never sleeps, we know our computers and cell phones better than we know our own parents. We learn quickly (when we want to), we speak what we believe, and we question EVERYTHING. But whether you're in school or out of school, no matter your race or gender, your hobbies, your goals, ambitions, dreams, employed/unemployed, born in/out of wedlock, adopted/not adopted, God created YOU with a purpose. The only way you find your purpose is by connecting with the One who created you.
            As a group of fast-learners and innovators, our time is now to start living for God, in our youth. Let's not become that generation of "should've, would've, and could've." Let's make the choice now to be confident that God has our future secured as we walk in obedience to Him.
            Love this life, love people, and laugh much. The walk with God will bring out your uniqueness as you begin to realize everything you are, everything you need, and everything you want is totally secure in Him. Sin is missing the mark. In sin we miss the target of who we are, we miss our purpose, and we lose our reason for living. But walking with God establishes us in our purpose.
            Before I go, I must say this. Living for the Lord does not mean staying locked in your room all of the time, friendless with absolutely no social activity. That's called, boring.
            It's a choice to go against the grain, a choice to be unashamed of the Gospel. A decision to live everyday confident in yourself and confident in God's strength and power to propel you forward as a young man or young woman.

 Thanks for reading! Spread the love.

 Young, Fresh, AND Saved??? Yes, oh yes!!!


  1. Matt, thank you so much for posting. Every word was so encouraging and definitely was a faith builder for me to hear someone around my age that believes that same things I do. It's discouraging seeing everything that's going on around us, because either young people very obviously don't believe in the Gospel, or they do and hide it out of embarrassment. This was extremely refreshing.
    God bless, buddy! I better see you next time I'm in Georgia. I need to hear some of these music skills you got!
    Jessica Hitte

    1. Ms. Jessica, thank you! Your words alone are encouraging to me. Like you said, it's critical that our generation starts living for the Lord now rather than wait "someday." With all that's going on around us, it's dangerous to not know God. He's everything!
      God bless you too and let me know when you come down! I'd much rather hear that beautiful voice of yours.


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