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Letter to the College Class of 2012

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! Thus far in my young blogging career, I've received tons of love and let me say that I truly appreciate it! It's great to know that people, as yourself, consider my content valuable enough to give it a glance. So, thank you.

With that being stated, this entry is for the upcoming college graduating class of 2012. First let me say Congratulations! Before you walk that stage or take a picture, let's both agree that congratulations are in order for you making it this far. For those of you I know, I'll probably be calling you, texting, facebooking, or tweeting.

However, I want to share some words of advice with you from the other side. It hasn't yet been a year since I've graduated, but I have experienced a great deal since graduating in May '11. So here we go...

Your degree does not make you smarter or better than anyone!!! Please believe me! Let that sink in. There are talented and smart people everywhere. College is a …

Let's Talk

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! This entry is for those who simply want to become better talkers and communicators. After all, communication is everything.
As a young businessman, I realize more and more each day the importance of communication, specifically knowing how to talk to in an understandable way. Thus far in my professional career I've been privileged to work alongside and do business with some of the most innovative, knowledgeable, and sharpest minds on the planet. An opportunity that I do not take lightly. For many of my first experiences being fresh out of college, it was a combination of culture-shock and total overwhelm.
           The way these professionals spoke to each other, made presentations, greeted each other, called one another, asked questions, presented information and even spoke over lunch was absolute night and day from everything I had ever witnessed in academia. My thoughts were "Wow! I want to be able to communicate like that!"