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Letter to the College Class of 2012

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! Thus far in my young blogging career, I've received tons of love and let me say that I truly appreciate it! It's great to know that people, as yourself, consider my content valuable enough to give it a glance. So, thank you.

With that being stated, this entry is for the upcoming college graduating class of 2012. First let me say Congratulations! Before you walk that stage or take a picture, let's both agree that congratulations are in order for you making it this far. For those of you I know, I'll probably be calling you, texting, facebooking, or tweeting.

However, I want to share some words of advice with you from the other side. It hasn't yet been a year since I've graduated, but I have experienced a great deal since graduating in May '11. So here we go...

Your degree does not make you smarter or better than anyone!!! Please believe me! Let that sink in. There are talented and smart people everywhere. College is a choice and your choice doesn't make you smarter than those who chose not to go. Like anything else in life, it is a choice and investment. Both bear uncertainty.

Do not let a degree validate your capabilities or intellect as a person. There is no way in the world to quantify or measure passion, persistence, and potential. Your degree does not bear your destiny nor your identity. In summary, don't limit yourself!

Now flashback to your first few days away from home... Think about your first uneasy feelings about your roomate... How you continuously got lost on campus trying to find your classess... Your first exposures to new and different ways of thinking... How "broke" you always were... Crazy mistakes... New friends... Cafeteria food... That seemingly impossible course that you thought you could not pass... Good/bad relationships... New words and terminologies... New concepts.

Think about how you learned to manage time and find people you could trust. Remember that warm feeling you got when you finally summoned the courage to go talk to your professor only to find that he/she was actually a very approachable and understanding person? Reflect on that time when you considered giving up. Sleep was rare and frustration flowed in abundance.

Your persistence, diligence, teachability, commitment, courage, focus, self-discipline, and problem solving are just a few of the underlying concepts and qualities that you've either picked up or enhanced in college. Now pause for second, it doesn't take a college degree to teach you these. The difference lies in the fact that, without the schooling, those qualities may take longer to develop. The college campus is simply the "people farm" for all of those character traits to be sewn and cultivated in individuals, such as you and I.

Qualities such as those listed are the roots for the creativity, decision-making abilities, knowledge of your field, interpersonal skills, and innovation that will begin to shine through you.  

Through all of your hardships and pain, you are now here. Your degree symbolizes one fact: "You Can." Nothing or no one can take that away from you. This simple truth is where college holds its value. There is not a force on this planet that can stop your pursuit of your dreams and aspirations. In summary, don't limit yourself!

Family and friends will gather. There will be food, pictures, and gifts (mostly in the form of money). Many, maybe even you, will cry. Let the tears roll. Embrace the moment. A new chapter of your life is on the horizon and you will write it with more wisdom and confidence than that which you had only a few years ago. Back when you "thought" you knew it all.

Most importantly, give thanks to God for providing for you and allowing you to be in this beautiful place. AND thank all of those who've made sacrifices to get you to where you are now... The sky is only the limit IF you think it is.

In summary, don't limit yourself!

Congratulations, thanks for reading, and God Bless.

** Forget all of those statistics about joblessness and unemployment, have faith in God**


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The Synth Sounds

I am excited to share that my first jazz project is nearing completion. (Also why this is my first post this month).

Other than piano, you can definitely expect to hear sounds of 1980's and 1990's-era synthesizers filtered throughout the upcoming album.

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