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Biz Week Review

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! This week has been an extremely hectic one I and still have a long, but exciting, weekend ahead! Due to there being no businessey (I think I just made that word up) blog this week, I want to try something different... I am going to re-cap my business week and share with you some of what I learned. As I am told time and time again, never ever stop learning and never ever stop sharing. So here is what I have:

Businesses, no matter the size, always look for ways to lower their costs without laying people off. Taxes, depending on the industry and location, constitute many of those costs. Every business has to pay at least three taxes: 1. Payroll or Income 2. Sales or Corporate 3. Property. Fortunately, Georgia already has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the nation at 6%. With all of the wonderful things going on in the Peach State, this is also a great tool for attracting businesses to locate to Georgia and also eases the burden of…

Untie Atlanta

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by!

Atlanta is in a knot. Traffic is choking metro Atlanta. You and I both know traffic is a time killer and the congestion in Atlanta seems to never end. The average metro commuter spends $924 a year in gasoline and wasted time. In fact, businesses have actually moved out of Atlanta citing traffic as a major reason why. Potential businesses are discouraged from moving to Atlanta and creating jobs because of the zoo that we call "Atlanta traffic." This not only creates a headache but added costs and frustration.

Improvements are needed ASAP otherwise, ATL could lose a tremendous edge in bringing new businesses, sporting events, and arts venues. As the Capitol of the South and a major international city, action is needed.

The solution? On July 31, Atlantans and those in the metro area will have the opportunity to make history by voting "Yes" to the Regional Transportation Referendum. A vote of "yes," will help untie the …

God the Economist

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! Last month I was honored to have taught a three-week Bible study series on the subject of Praise & Worship at my church, Community Fellowship Church in Dalton, GA. The last of the three lectures was titled "The Economics of Worship," an examination of four key characteristics that all economic decisions and worship have in common. This entry stems some from some of my findings.

Let's start by defining economics and worship and take it from there.

Economicsis something most people only look at when things go wrong. Only when an economy is on the brink of crisis, thousands lose their jobs, and prices rise or fall does economics ever come to the minds of most. The year 2008, with the financial crisis and housing bubble busting, was an unpleasant introduction to economics to my generation and me, too. Economics is more than complicated numbers, stats, and theories, but at the heart of it is the study of people. It's a social …