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Three Leadership Lessons from LeBron

Hello kind reader! Thanks for stopping by! Last Thursday afternoon, we witnessed undoubtedly, one of the best athletes of this generation win his very first NBA Championship. LeBron James' determination and maturity in pursuit of the Larry O'Brien Trophy are indeed admirable and worth writing of. In finally walking away from the NBA Finals a victor, I find three leadership lessons to be learned from the ups and downs of James in his pursuit of a title. Perseverance- At age 22, James dominantly and single-handedly lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. The Washington Wizards, New Jersey Nets, and Detroit Pistons were all eliminated by the then two- time NBA All-Star. In James' highly anticipated first appearance in the NBA Finals, he and the Cavaliers were brutally swept away by the veteran San Antonio Spurs. "A lot of people said we were the worst team to ever make the finals and LeBron really used that as motivation," said Mike Malone who coached James f…

Biz Week Review

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Learn, learn, learn. Share, share, share. Free information! The real value is in applying and sharing it. So, here's a look at the crazy and unexpected business week of a young professional and what I learned (selectively). Haha!

I was privileged to have attended a meeting with His Excellency Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Ambassador of Vietnam to the US. Accompanied by some of his staff, His Excellency and US business leaders discussed trade and economic relations between the US and Vietnam. His Excellency shared some informative and suprising statistics on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). In case you may not know, the TPP aims to lower barriers (costs, tariffs, taxes, etc.) to trade and investment and strengthen economic linkages between its members by opening up trade in goods and services. This will not only boost investment, but also open markets, create jobs, and make it faster, easier, and cheaper to do business with the current nine partici…

Supply-side Simplified

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With the 2012 Presidential race picking up momentum, I'd like to address an economic idea that I can guarantee will be discussed amongst the candidates and analysts alike. This has entirely nothing to do with my political views and neither am I taking a side. As an economist, I simply state the theories and facts.

Supply-side economics refers to the reform of the supply side of the economy- companies and institutions that produce the goods and services that we, the people, consume. Supply-siders are those who would like these companies to be freer and more efficient with lower barriers (taxes) to produce these goods and services. This means less regulation and a greater supply of goods and services at a lower cost.

Since the 1980's, 'supply-side economics' has tended to refer more specifically to arguments favoring cutting high tax rates, an idea championed by American economist Arthur Laffer in the late 1970'…

You, Me, and Mobility

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Mobility: whether you know it or not, your every day life depends on it. Everything from the calls made from your cell phone, surfing the web, to the cool apps you've downloaded and use. Your good faith that your text message will reach the recipient on the other end, you checking your bank account, or even ordering a pizza directly from your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet. All of these and so much more are ways that we all are dependent on mobility every day... Didn't mean to scare anyone there.

When I say mobility, I am not referring to your agility or transportation. Mobility, as you can tell, is a particular characteristic of our technology. Mobility is borderless networking and any transaction or communication via wireless communication.

Businesses, large and small, recognize the power of such innovation. That's why enterprises such as Google, Coca-Cola, Dell, UPS, The Home Depot, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon,…