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Five July 31 Transportation Referendum Points

Atlanta and the state of Georgia are on the brink of history and that history is based on infrastructure. Transportation is the sole deciding factor of what Atlanta's and Georgia's coming decades of economic outlook will look like. So far this year, the state of Georgia is taking bold and beneficial action to better its infrastructure.

A few of the benefits of such action are job creation, improving quality of life, increasing productivity, and facilitating more economic development.

Atlanta's current traffic problems have hindered quality jobs from coming into the area. Not long ago a Fortune 500 company carrying the promise of creating 5,000 new jobs, strongly considered moving its headquarters to Atlanta. However, they chose to locate in a city in northern Virginia and cited Atlanta's traffic problems as a major factor in their decision. OUCH!!!

The bottom line here is the future prosperity of the Atlanta region and the state of Georgia depends on the July 31 Transportation Referendum passing. The economic impact of this legislation is enormous.

Business leaders and elected officials are in adamant favor of ensuring the referendum passes; and so am I. As a pro-business economist who typically favors legislation that lowers costs and taxation for businesses, I see this TSPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) as an undeniable "YES" for anyone doing business or living in the metro Atlanta area. Again, the economic impact of this legislation is enormous.

I've been advocating this referendum for a while now, but allow me to share five more reasons as to why you should vote "YES."
  1. Jobs! As illustrated before, the TSPLOST projects will create jobs. 200,000 additional jobs will be created or supported by the projects.
  2. This will make a difference. The TSPLOST will greatly reduce congestion throughout metro Atlanta. Metro Atlanta is home to 7 of the the top 100 most congested interchanges in the nation.
  3. Get home faster. 63% of workers in Atlanta work outside of their home county. The project list provides connectivity across the region for workers getting to their jobs and their homes in shorter amounts of time.
  4. Atlanta has lost its edge. Atlanta's top competitors for jobs (Denver, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, and Dallas) are making great investments in their transportation systems while Atlanta is lagging.
  5. Avoid toll roads and higher gas taxes. The alternatives to a regional sales tax are ugly... like 25 cent gas tax increase ugly.
It is my sincere hope that anyone living in the metro Atlanta region will vote "YES" to the July 31 Transportation Referendum. This is without a doubt one of the most important elections in our lifetime.

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Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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