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Pre-Capitalism Technology

The eventual erosion of the feudal system- by way of centuries long riots and protests- gave way for the market system. The market system virtually unleashed technological advancement and here's how...

Technology is "any change in daily activity that increases output and enhances the productivity of a working person." Tradition-bound economies, where poor artisans and serfs tilled the property of their landlords, had little incentive to seek technological solutions to increase their yields. That's because any increase in agricultural produce would only mean more food on the landlord's table. And due to years of little to no productive change, the serfs and slaves were accustomed to selling a certain quantity to the village market. Thus,  no one carried the extra disposable income to buy the additional yields.
There was little incentive for technological innovation until the dismantling of the feudal system and its consequential end to tradition-bound job/family s…

Mileage Tax

Federal gas tax revenue fluctuates. When the economy is bad, people drive less and switch to more fuel-efficient cars that use less gas.

This is the logic behind the idea of a new mileage tax. More taxes on mileage, not fuel. This would look like more toll booths and other ways to charge travelers of highly traversed highways. This way,  hybrid and electric-vehicle users would also contribute more to road building and maintenance. You pay for what you use.

Of course this probably will not happen in the near future. However, one of the greatest benefits would be a more effective method for the repairment and upkeep of the most-used roads.

As I have stated numerous times on here before, America's infrastructure, especially its roads, are in need of a fix. This simply is one of the speculative ways to make that happen.


The Market System

To understand modern economics, one must understand what is meant when "the market system," or "the market," is stated. Allow me to explain:

A market system is a system in which economic activity is left to the people. With their choices, people freely respond to the opportunities of the marketplace using information and their own preferences at their own will. Therefore, people are free to work where they want and buy what they want. Before the emergence of the market system, people's choices were heavily tradition-bound: if your parents were serfs or artisans, you were bound to be one too.

A market system gives more freedom to the individual. This also means there is a constant flow of wealth-- savings and investments-- into production through banks and other financial institutions where borrowers (you and I) pay interest for using the wealth of the lenders (banks and financial institutions).

The factors of production: Land, Labor, Capital, and Entrepreneurs…

5 Must-Have Holiday Albums

Well reader, we have reached the tip of the holiday season and it won't be long before every commercial, store, and neighborhood will have something Christmas-related. You know the yule tide is coming, why not go ahead and get in the mood now? In case you are already full of Christmas cheer or need a musical primer to get you started, here are 5 Must-Have Holiday albums to bring in that good 'ol holiday spirit!

Bing Crosby- Christmas Classics
5.Everyone must have at least one member of the Rat Pack in their holiday music collection. This compilation of Bing Crosby’s Christmas recordings features many of the classics we’ve all heard as kids. The instrumentation and Crosby's one-of-a-kind voice backed by the "ooh's" and "aah's" of rich choruses make for putting any scrooge in the holiday spirit. “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman” are cheery, playful, and will send shockwaves of Christmas cheer through your ears and memory. “Do You Hear Wha…

Grant That Grant!

I am currently investing my professional and creative energies toward writing an Area-Wide Planning Grant to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Writing this grant is by far the most intensive and strenuous literary work I've done to date, but I ENJOY it!!! Being awarded this grant would create an untold large number of jobs in a particular region of a city that is dear to my heart. (Under confidentiality, I am not yet sharing the details).

Writing a grant is demanding for both the rookie and the veteran. First you collect information and put it in writing. Once you've written it, you edit. As you edit, you're given more information to add to your existing draft. Then you measure your draft against the grant application, find out you're not addressing the issues in a manner the granting organization wants. From there you start all over.

I take on the project with three concepts in mind:

To be productive is to be boring. This means getting off of Facebook, Twitte…

Obama's Re-Election

Yesterday the world witnessed the re-election of the United States' 44th President, President Barack Obama. In soaring beyond the threshold 270 electoral votes by winning 303, America spoke, history was made, and Obama, once again, defied the odds.

As an African-American, up until 1868 by way of Section 2 of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, my vote would have counted as of 3/5's a person. Before 1787, my vote would not have counted at all! That means a little over 200 years ago, an African-American's chance of voting, let alone being President, was as highly improbable as hell having a snowstorm. Witnessing President Obama win a second term nearly brought tears to my eyes as I watched his acceptance speech.

I often wondered how my ancestors would have reacted to see this moment. Had I been born over 200 years ago, I would have been considered someone else's "property."

My mother's family is fortunate enough to be able to trace its an…

Superstorm Sandy: Let's Help

Superstorm Sandy caught the eyes of the world this week, changing the lives of many forever and finally diverting our attention from the selfish, self-gratifying, sometimes immoral rat race that has become our thinking patterns. This will be a natural disaster that will be spoken of for generations to come because of its impact and timing in American history. The 2012 Presidential Election is days away (three to be exact), the Holiday season is preparing for kickoff. Sandy's impact and devestation alone willed its way into our nation's history books.

Having grown up in the mountains of Northwest Georgia, the closest encounter I have with any disaster of scale was the hurricane that ripped through the South and Ringgold, Georgia in 2011. The death toll in Ringgold ended at 15. The death toll of Sandy, as of this morning, is 109.

If you aren't able to personally provide shelter and supplies to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, it doesn't mean you can't help at all.…


Sleep is for weekends. No, musical festivities are for weekends. No, weekends are for daydreaming. No, weekends are for church activity. No, weekends are family time. No, weekends are for resting and movies. No, facebooking and tweeting are for the weekends. No, weekends are for traveling. No, weekends are for reflecting and planning. No, studying is for weekends. No, music composition and production are for weekends. No, weekends are for football games. No, weekends are to be dedicated to hobbies. No weekends are for cleaning up, running errands, and taking care of the house. No, shopping is for weekends.

What are weekends really for???