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Grant That Grant!

I am currently investing my professional and creative energies toward writing an Area-Wide Planning Grant to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Writing this grant is by far the most intensive and strenuous literary work I've done to date, but I ENJOY it!!! Being awarded this grant would create an untold large number of jobs in a particular region of a city that is dear to my heart. (Under confidentiality, I am not yet sharing the details).

Writing a grant is demanding for both the rookie and the veteran. First you collect information and put it in writing. Once you've written it, you edit. As you edit, you're given more information to add to your existing draft. Then you measure your draft against the grant application, find out you're not addressing the issues in a manner the granting organization wants. From there you start all over.

I take on the project with three concepts in mind:

  1. To be productive is to be boring. This means getting off of Facebook, Twitter, and surfing random things on the web, silencing the phone, closing Spotify and Pandora, and eliminating anything else fun to accomplish what needs to get done.
  2. Writing a grant is like looking for treasure. As with any research-based writing, putting together a grant proposal requires the persistent and often monotonous information-digging to find the stuff of value. I'd say I read around 20-30 newspaper articles daily looking for relevant information to strengthen my proposal's argument.
  3. Ephesians 6:7 "with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men." Remember who the Boss is (not a man or woman). Taking a moment to reflect on this truth will send shock waves of energy and creativity through your work ethic. Work is so much more than a paycheck and good benefits.

The grant is due on November 30, 2012. I began working on the grant on October 29, 2012-- that's a small window for any work concerning EPA's guidelines. But it's all good. I have a newfound respect for grant writers, reporters, and authors who labor with me in researching, writing, and publishing information that benefits the readers, communities, cities, regions, the US, and the world.

"Information's pretty thin stuff, unless with mixed with experience." - Clarence Day

God Bless,



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The Synth Sounds

I am excited to share that my first jazz project is nearing completion. (Also why this is my first post this month).

Other than piano, you can definitely expect to hear sounds of 1980's and 1990's-era synthesizers filtered throughout the upcoming album.

I admire the newer sounds we have today, but none of them quite replicate the original, synth-led sounds of 80's and 90's music.

In my opinion, 80's and 90's sounds present the perfect crossover of analog and digital mixes that were limitless in use and expression.

It is no wonder that modern synthesizers today still draw inspiration from 80's and 90's technology. It was simply some of the most innovative audio machinery ever created.

No shame here. Expect 80's and 90's vibes to come your way in my upcoming project.

Stay Tuned!!!

A pile of my module racks from the 80's and 90's used and simulated on my upcoming jazz album.

CFC Youth Day

CFC Youth Day was nothing short of remarkable.

Children, teenagers, young adults (my generation) sang, danced, praised, and worshiped God with passion, love, joy, energy, and sincerity.

We led, both, the 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM services and the LORD ministered through us in His own powerful way.

I am very grateful to have preached at the 10:00 AM service. (Came from 2 Timothy 1:7).

Something amazing happens when we move ourselves out of the way and allow the LORD to communicate His Word through us. He does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. And when you summarize the meaning He brings to life, you realize that all the of the glory belongs to Him.

The reality of God's presence gives life, and everything we involve ourselves in, brand new meaning.

God's awesomeness was displayed in a monumental way today. A flame was kindled in our youth and the church as a whole.

Today was special.

Big thanks to everyone who helped make today such a great success, you know who you are!


The Audacity of Hope

Last week I completed The Audacity of Hope by President Barack Obama in 2006.

In The Audacity of Hope, Mr. Obama shares some of his experiences as a citizen and politician while also laying out policy-driven solutions to improve the lives of Americans.

Granted The Audacity of Hope was written before Mr. Obama's first presidential election in 2008, his thorough understanding of the Nation's issues are impressive and difficult to overlook.

Mr. Obama, in an academic prose, but down-to-earth tonality, hits on national issues relative to our political system, constitutional interpretation, economics, military policy, education, and community development.

I found The Audacity of Hope to be one of the better books I have ever read on American politics and public affairs. Regardless of your politics, this is a good read with the capabilities to expand anyone's understanding of politics and government.

In fact, much of the information contained in The Audacity of Hope is still rele…