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Greenways, Walks, and Lessons

I just started reading Greenways by Charles Flink and Robert M. Searns. As the title implies, it is about greenways. As the book defines it: "A greenway is a linear open space established along either a natural corridor, such a s riverfront, stream valley, or ridgeline, or overland along a railroad right-of-way converted to recreational use, a canal, scenic road, or other route. It is any natural or landscaped course for pedestrian or bicycle passage. An open-space connector linking parks, nature reserves, cultural features, or historic sites with each other and with populated areas. Locally, certain strip or linear parks designated as parkway or greenbelt."
Greenways are important to any area's desirability to live and recreate. Greenways make a great combination with walkability. As baby boomers and millenials desire more walkable, pedestrian-friendly communities, greeenways enhance the foot-walking, bike-riding, stroll-pushing infrastructure that these two massive dem…

3 Takeaways from 3 Takeaways

I am going to let the thoughts run rapid this time. But so as not to let things get too hectic, I will provide a format: 1. 3 takeaways from Walkable City by Jeff Speck, AICP 2. 3 takeaways from Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper 3. Three takeaways and occurrences from me.

3 Takeaways from Walkable City. The General Theory of Walkabability explains the four components of a favorable walk. A favorable walk must be:UsefulSafeComfortableInterestingThe economic advantage of walkable places can be identified by three key factors:Urban living is more attractive to young creativesThose preferring an urban lifestyle will grow for the next few decadesWould-be gas and car maintenance money can be spent elsewhere, locallyMillenials, my generation, represent the biggest population bubble in 50 years. 64% of college-educated millenials choose where they want to live first, then look for a job. 3 Takeaways from Don't Waste Your Life. People talk about God in vague ways. But to have God is to…

Credit Ratings and Economic Development

Like private entities, city and county governments undergo credit rating reviews. Here's what a credit rating review is and it's just as important for cities as it is for private companies.
A credit rating review is an evaluation of the repayment ability of an individual or firm of a bond.
A bond is a written or signed promise to pay a specified sum of money on a certain date for example, contracts and loan agreements are bonds.
The actual credit rating (or score) is based on credit history, present financial conditions, and projected future conditions.
Credit is rated by credit rating agencies. The two largest credit rating agencies are Standard & Poor's and Moody's
Credit rating agencies (CRA) evaluate the financial conditions of issuers (another word for "users") of debt and assigns them a rating reflecting the CRA's assessment of the issuer's ability to make the debt repayment.
Potential investors, families and businesses in the case of citi…

Mother's Day: Gold Mine

First and foremost, Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!

We should be grateful for mothers. Forget strained relationships, what happened in the past, and any animosities. There is nothing like a Mother's love. Nothing can replace a Mother's love. Without mothers, there would be no us. No you. No me.

I was blessed to spend the entire Mother's Day weekend with my mother, grandmother, among so many other family members.

Music lovers are always thinking of songs to associate with those special moments in life. For myself, I thought of none better than "Gold Mine" by Take 6.

Chorus: "I never thought I would ever/ Stumble out of darkness and prize the view/But this time I found a Gold Mine in you (in you)."

As you listen to the song, think of how golden your mother is. Mothers are a wondrous gift from God.  


Explaining Economic Development

Last week I was privileged to explain job to the wonderful students at Canton Elementary STEM Academy.
I am just now able to share in blog because I have been super busy.

Explaining what economic development is is already difficult because it is so broad. Explaining my job to 6th graders would be in a land somewhere between Daunting to Impossible, so I believed.

It ended up being neither. The children were intelligent, interactive, and enthusiastic- they made teaching easy. I was impressed with the questions they asked and how quickly they picked up on what economic development was all about.

I explained my vocation in the most simplistic way as possible. I would like to share some of my notes with you. Please feel free to use them in case you end up having to break down what economic development is and how it works.

WHAT: Economic development is all about making happy and healthy communities. Happy and healthy communities. Happy and healthy communities.What makes a community? People.T…