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Music Spotlight Tuesday: Willie "PDub" Moore Jr. & Bizzle- Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds is a collaborative album between singer Willie "PDub" Moore Jr. and rapper Bizzle. Although they have collaborated on each other's songs before, Best of Both Worlds is twelve top-quality tracks showcasing their unique blend and unshakable passion for Christ.

Originally released on Feb. 7, 2012, the project's title describes exactly what the album is- the best of both r&b and hip-hop.

"Loves Comes" is soulful. Keyboards, 808's, percussion, and a compressor effect provide an intimate background to PDub's and Bizzle's descriptions of their personal love affairs with God. It details God's grace, protection, peace, strength, His Word, and, yes, His love.

Turn the volume up on "Get Low." That is a total oxymoron, but "Get Low" is a hype joint, with a potent message- walking in humility before God. The duo rhythmically explain our inferiority in light of God's supremacy, excellency, and greatness. God's attributes command our utmost fear (respect), obedience, and humility.
"Get low, let the Lord be the Lord and get low... though I know humility goes against everything you know." 

"Give Him Praise" is another banger featuring trailblazer Canton Jones. Together, the three praise God as a Healer, Provider, Way-maker, Lover, Problem-solver, Giver of Life, and so much more. Hallelujah!
"You heal diseases, but not only that, you handle the small stuff, like when I can't find my keys."

In "Get No Better," featuring Latoya Wilson, PDub and Bizzle describe their relationships with their wives. You can feel the deep love, respect, and appreciation they have for their Mrs.' They testify of Christ-centered relationships, through good and bad times, In the perseverance, they enjoy the Lord and enjoy each other. "Get No Better" can also be interpreted as Christ's love for His own bride, the Church.

"Lights Down Low" features one of Bizzle's God Over Money label mates, Bumps Inf and the fast-tongued D-MAUB. All four lyricists blaze their verses. This track belongs on your workout, game time, turn up playlist. For that matter, so does "Chase the Son" which features actor and comedian Kel Mitchell and Atlanta rapper Mouthpie3ce.

"Ends Meet" and "Final Call," are introspective tracks. They both touch on many sensitive subjects related to hurt, pain, and lust.

My final thoughts: This is a great album. Bizzle's hardcore street rhymes and PDub's soulful verses seemlessly complement each other. The productions augment the messaging. And the messaging ultimately points to Christ the Savior and Redeemer, unmistakably. You can buy it on Amazon by clicking this link.

To PDub and Bizzle: God Bless you brothers! May He continue to open doors, strengthen you, and direct your paths as you delight in Him. Bizzle, you are militant and adamant for the greatest cause of life- glorifying God. Stay at it bro! PDub, you have a distinct voice and a great understanding of the power of melody as means of communication and awakening your listeners- it is clear how you voice your hooks. Stay at it bro!

Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @PWILLIE1 and @MyNameIsBizzle


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