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Today at church, Bishop Thomas continued preaching what is now a six week series about God's grace.

To highlight the six weeks, here are six notes I have taken from the series, so far:
We are saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8). We are alive in Christ by grace (Ephesians 2:5).We are enabled to use our gifts to glorify God by grace (Ephesians 3:8).We have access to God by grace (Ephesians 2:18).Mercy is not getting what we deserve. Grace is getting what we do not deserve.Because God gives us grace, we are to give grace to others. Imagine God holding back his grace on us because we are not worthy of His forgiveness and love. Fortunately, He does not. Neither should we treat others as though they are "undeserving."
There's plenty where these came from and I hope Bishop Thomas continues with the series as it has been a blessing so far. Thank God for His grace!
Rappers Timothy Brindle and Shai Linne recorded a great explanation of grace. Click the video below to listen.

New Cities Coming to Metro Atlanta

We love our cities in Georgia and we may be adding more.

Currently in debate at the Georgia General Assembly is the creation of six new cities: Greenhaven, LaVista Hills, Sharon Springs, South Fulton, Stonecrest, and Tucker. All in metro Atlanta.

In fact, Wednesday the Georgia House of Representatives passed measures that would allow residents to vote to create the cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker. If the Senate approves, voters could decide to incorporate during the November election.

LaVista Hills passed on a 129-37 vote. Tucker passed 128-31. The vote for South Fulton was delayed until today.

Greenhaven, Sharon Springs, and Tucker may have to wait until the next General Assembly as they have not been heard by a committee and today was the deadline for general legislation to pass at least one chamber.

Music Spotlight Tuesday: JustHisLeague- Suit Up

JustHisLeague is a supergroup of rappers from Charlotte, North Carolina. Altogether they make ten total. A supergroup indeed.

Suit Up, their album released on January 27th of this year, is just as varied as the group.

There are hype, turn-up songs like "Err Day," "Don't Play," "All I Know," and "Rock It." And the track bearing the album name, "Suit Up"- raw lyricism backed by a bass-rattling beat.

For my fellow boom-bappers, there are tracks like "Superman," "Power," and "Coastin." Then you have more introspective songs like an instant favorite, "Save the Day," and "White Flag."

The opening skit will send chills through your veins. It puts you in the mind of a Marvel Entertainment superhero film: an intense narrative describing JustHisLeague's mission to the soundtrack of an orchestral film score.

The JustHisLeague is all about uniting to fight against darkness with the Word of G…

7 Steps for Watching and Reaching People

These 7 steps come from one of my favorite books on business, What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School by legendary businessman Mark H. McCormack in 1984.

According to McCormack, reading people and opening up your senses cannot, obviously, be summed up in 7, 70, nor 700 steps, but there are 7 fundamentals by which all interactions and observations can be categorized. Here they are:

Listen Aggressively- Listen to what people say and how they say it. Observe Aggressively- You don't need to read a book on body language to interpret certain motions or gestures to "hear" someone. It is as simple as examining how they are dressed.Talk Less- You automatically learn more, hear more, see more, and make fewer blunders. Take a Second Look at First Impressions- Your first impression of a person is not definitive. It takes a series of interactions to really get to know someone.Take Time to Use What You've Learned- Before you make that phone call, send that email, o…

Household Spending

My community is blessed to see significant residential development and growth recently. The new homes bring a stronger economic outlook and potential for a potent economic impact. Household spending is foundational to our economy. With those new homes built and new people moving in, it only causes wonderment...

Where does household spending come from?

Mainly from household earnings- wages, salaries, rents, profits, or whatever other payments householders receive from the work they have performed. With a few exceptions, such as Social Security checks.

Household spending can be augmented, in the short-term, if householders draw from their savings accounts or liquidate stocks or bonds. It can also be augmented by borrowing, which allows some households to spend more than their current incomes- often the case for purchasing an expensive car.

One major benefit is household spending triggers spending at local businesses, patronizing various events and causes, and tax revenues for public ser…