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Music Spotlight Tuesday: Caleb McCoy- The Oak Season Two

Rapper Caleb McCoy released The Oak Season Two in November 2014.

The album embodies transparency, authenticity, and creative lyricism all in one monster of an album.

Caleb McCoy's testimony, observations, and delivery are displayed in his passion to please Christ with a commitment to denying the lustful desires of the flesh.

Each of the fourteen tracks are solid enough to standalone as singles. Yes, they are strong enough to stand as autonomous masterpieces of their own.

Summing it all up, The Oak Season Two is a quality project that speaks on life's challenges, issues, and how Christ is our only hope and salvation. And, it is really good music!

McCoy offers this album for free, so waste no more time- Download This Album. You'll be glad you did.

Download Here

Me Who?

"... Play skillfully with a shout of joy." - Psalm 33:3
"As an extravagant worshiper, we are never on a "gig" or a "show." We are on a heavenly mission, and being determined to see His purposes accomplished requires a response from our glorious God."
- Darlene Zschech

Excellence in music ministry is my standard. Not because of show, the prospect of fame, or because some thought-up lie that "I'm cold on the keys," but because God's greatness commands a sacrificial and skillful offering of excellence.

It is not about me. Music ministry is about serving the LORD and His majesty, supremacy, greatness, and sovereignty over all. It is my joyful response to His Word, His love, His grace, His mercy, and the fact that He makes salvation my reality.

It is not about me. People come to church hurting and searching for answers. People come to church to hear from God, sacrifice to the LORD, and to fellowship with other believers. The music minis…


This is a big congratulations to the Atlanta Hawks!!!

This Hawks team displays teamwork, strength, courage, and perseverance unlike any previous Hawks teams I can ever recall.

There are no superstars. Anyone can have a great game at any given time. They are unselfish with the ball.

They are a beautiful balance of confidence and humility.

Yesterday marked history. With a win over the Washington Wizards, in Washington, the Hawks clinched their first appearance in the Eastern Conference Semifinals since the 1970-1971 season. That is one round away from the NBA Finals.

And, Atlanta fans of all sports were starved for sustainable victory and a team to rally behind.

The last two Falcons seasons have been disappointing, the Braves tend to fall apart mid-way into every season, and the Dream are still building their franchise.

The Hawks needed this. Sports nation needed this. And Atlanta- our city and our region- needed this.

Go Hawks! #ATLast #TrueToAtlanta

Music Spotlight Tuesday: Ty Brasel- Cloud 9 Raps

Every now and then you stumble upon a free album that is of such good quality that you wonder, "Why isn't this album offered for $9.99 on iTunes???"

Those are my sentiments after listening to Memphis-based rapper Ty Brasel's debut album, Cloud 9 Raps.

Cloud 9 Raps was released in January of this year and it ranks among the most complete projects of the year so far! The quality and amount of work invested to put the album together is evident throughout all 14 tracks.

The production is top-notch. Each beat has the type of thump that warrants more volume. The hooks are richly melodic. The lyrics are truth. And Brasel rips the mic with the delivery and flow of a seasoned veteran!
What is most important: every track effectively points the listener to Christ as the solution for all struggles, addictions, and the toughest of questions.
I do not think I am alone when I state that no one was expecting Cloud 9 Raps to be as good as it is. I mean, this is a really good album. An…

Targeting in Economic Development

Targeting is identifying a group of companies a community or a development organization wants to reach.

The most effective targets are those companies with needs and preferences that match the community's resources and strengths. Or in some cases, the community's needs.

Targeting is important to eliminate wasted time and to concentrate resources where they can be most effective.

Targets that are a community's the best "fit" are those that supply what the community needs for economic stability or to complement existing industries and workforce skills.

This helps explain why economic developers should always be assessing their communities. Constant assessment reveals gaps in the economy, areas of economic leakage, and opportunities for growth.

Different communities have different needs and therefore, different targeted industries. The below list of economic development organizations and their targeted industries should give you an idea...

The Beacon Council (Miami-D…

Qualities x4

There are four qualities that will help you succeed anywhere you go. Most college textbooks or classrooms won't teach you this. There were no courses on these qualities in any of my years in business school, yet they are most effective, if they are genuine.

Good Attitude- Attitude is everything. It is how you treat people and handle situations.Clear Communication- Speaking and writing with clarity and meaning. Show Up- Be where you need to be. Be Prepared- This does not apply in every situation, but you never know. It is often said that success is when preparation meets opportunity. There are others, but these are a basic four. Any of the four will help you in any endeavor, but matters work best when all four are applied. Take your time as we are all working progresses.