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Music Spotlight Tuesday: 10 Boom Bap Hip-Hop Albums You Must Download- And They Are Free!!!

Boom bap is that original hip-hop sound: grimy snares, gritty kicks, heavy use of samples, break beats, turntable- spinning, and lyric-centric rap music.

It is hip-hop in its original state. No 808's, synthesizers, or sonically-modified sounds, just pure hip-hop. No disrespect to those who use the 808's and synths (I use them in my own productions and definitely appreciate their contributions to the genre), but there is nothing like that classic hip-hop sound.

If you like that classic sound and love Christ-glorifying rhymes, then this list is just for you! You must download these albums because: 1. I do not know how long the artists will continue to have them posted 2. They are free. So, no excuses.

I hope these albums enrich your walk with Christ. My life has certainly been blessed by the lyrics of these emcees representing the LORD with their talent, while also staying true to the art form of hip-hop.

They are listed in alphabetical order and not by favorites (nor their numb…

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts from today...

President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin jousted today at the 70th Annual United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Both have completely opposite views of the Syrian crisis and Middle Eastern intervention. The big ripple between the two opposing views is acknowledgment of Bashar al-Assad's regime- America neither acknowledges nor supports his governance while Russia does. Fortunately, President Obama and Mr. Putin met earlier today, which opens the lines of communication of progress and peace. International relations is a fine line to walk. Critics who shout "Do something!" are generally clueless of the fact that any action taken in crisis could yield unfathomable consequences in the present and future. The best strategy is to assess matters on a case-by-case basis. With that in mind, I believe President Obama and his administration are handling the Syrian crisis with poise, tact, and wisdom.I was reading …

Speaker John Boehner Resignation

Before going any further, Pianomics is not political. But, working in the public sector and as an American citizen, I do have a great appreciation for those who invest their talents and abilities to serve our country and our people.

Yesterday Speaker of the House, John Boehner announced his resignation. Speaker Boehner, the highest-ranking member of the US House of Representatives faced numerous challenges and issues during his tenure as well as political and ideological clashes with President Obama and, apparently, disunity among his Republican colleagues.

The timing of his resignation comes amidst a potential government shutdown next week, a day after Pope Francis' first visit to the US, and during China President Xi Jinping's visit to Washington.

During my vacation in DC last month, I walked past the hallway of Mr. Boehner's office in the US Capitol. It is heavily guarded by security- which in and of itself speaks volume of how important his work is to our country. Bein…

Music Spotlight Tuesday: The Top 7 Songs That Shaped Summer 2015

Today is the last day of Summer 2015. It is literally hours before summer ends and autumn begins. So today's Music Spotlight Tuesday is dedicated to the songs, sounds, lyrics, and melodies that shaped my summer.

Summer 2015 has been a season of growth, new experiences, education, and the reality that I am now closer to 30 than I am 20 (still not sure how to feel about that yet).
I have been blessed to accomplish and achieve a lot this summer and I give all the glory to God, who gives me the strength. All of the accolades, awards, achievements, and every thing else is because of Him (Philippians 4:13, 2 Timothy 1:7, Ephesians 5:10). These 7 songs are associated with those moments and memories that will last a lifetime.
After all, what better way to commemorate good times than by sharing the songs that are intricately connected to them? 
So, it is with gladness that I share with you The Top 7 Songs That Shaped Summer 2015- from my perspective. I hope they encourage, inspire, and rea…

2015 Georgia Economic Developers Association Annual Conference: Taking Georgia From Good to Great

Last week I attended the 2015 Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA) Annual Conference in lovely Savannah: Taking Georgia from Good to Great. 
It was my second consecutive time attending in as many years as I have been a member. 
I have yet to encounter a better organization that provides so much for its membership- from an resources standpoint and a participation and leadership standpoint.
One quality about GEDA that I really like is that everyone can feel like a part of the group. Seasoned veterans, rookies, development authority executives; chamber of commerce leaders; county, city, and special district directors and managers; engineers, marketers, contractors, real estate developers- they all compose GEDA's membership.
Governor Nathan Deal addressed us on Tuesday evening; and we heard presentations about trends and their affect on jobs in the state, Georgia's ports, global competitiveness, economic development marketing, and leadership insights from appointed leade…

The ABC's of Vision

One of the most influential books I have read recently is Living Above the Level of Mediocrity by Charles Swindoll.

Written in 1989, the book is loaded with insights on pursuing excellence. Even greater, Pastor Swindoll's book is Scripture-based, so God's Word is the focus of the content.

Chapter 5 is about vision. This is where Swindoll introduces the ABC's for Vision; and that is what I would like to share and summarize, briefly.

A. Attitude. Vision affects your attitude. Your attitude should be positive, not negative. Optimistic rather than pessimistic. Not foolishly positive, but realistic because you trust God.

B. Belief. Have a strong belief in the power of God, confidence in others around you, and confidence in yourself, by the grace of God. Refusing to give in to temptation, cynicism, and doubt. Not allowing yourself to become jaded.

C. Capacity. A willingness to be stretched.

D. Determination. Hanging tough when the going gets rough. Implementing a vision and accompli…

The DC Experience: The National Mall

I only saw four monuments last week in Washington, DC. Nowhere near the number I wanted to see, but as many past DC visitors will tell you, there's no way you can see it all!

The four monuments and memorials I saw were worth every second of viewing and reflection. I took a friend's advice and viewed them at night- good idea. The National Mall is very safe. Even at night, security and fellow tourists are everywhere. Below are the monuments I saw and a few thoughts and observations.

The Washington Monument- Probably one of the tallest buildings in DC, I could see it from my hotel room across the Potomac in Arlington, VA. It is all the way vertical and stands tall and brave, just like George Washington himself defending the freedom and ideals of America. The 50 US flags around it signify celebration and resolution at the very base of the structure. You can rub your hand on it and feel the firmness of its marble and granite composition. The World War II Memorial- I have never seen …

Music Spotlight Tuesday: KB- Tomorrow We Live

Tomorrow We Live is Tampa, FL-based rapper KB's second studio album. I am spotlighting this album for two reasons: 1. Because it is a really good album 2. Because I listened to it, along with almost all of KB's entire recorded catalog, throughout last week's DC vacation.

I sharply recall listening to tracks light "Lights Go Out" as I walked the National Mall and first saw the George Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I kept "Sideways" on repeat during my daily ride on the Metro from my hotel in Arlington, VA to DC. Tomorrow We Live was the soundtrack to my DC vacation, and rightfully so.

On Tomorrow We Live, KB communicates the saving, healing, delivering, and potent message of the gospel of Christ as our only hope and salvation. KB's boldness and authenticity comes through in his lyrics and his up-and-down tonality as he raps. KB's fire and fulfillment to please the LORD is conta…

The DC Experience: Introduction

I am back from a week-long vacation in Washington, DC.

I had a blast! If you have not been yet, I highly recommend you go. I found the Nation's Capital to be educational, enlightening, enriching, refreshing, breath-taking, relaxing, and well-worth the 9+ hour trip from Georgia.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting about thoughts and experiences related to the trip. Everything such as food, museums, buildings, transportation, history, government, people, and music will be detailed.

Stay tuned!