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The Heart of Gospel. The Art of Jazz. Part 5

Nope. Not yet done with this series. However, we're taking a different turn here.

Unlike the past 4 installments of 'The Heart of Gospel. The Art of Jazz.' (all below) this one, and likely subsequent posts, will emphasize the gospel's message communicated in Smooth Jazz.

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You know that smooth jazz sound: it could qualify for R&B, but with a greater focus on instrumentation usually featuring a saxophone, piano, electric keyboard, or guitar solo, and harmonies that are not limited to one key.

In essence, the theory is jazz- the sound is rhythm and blues- and in our case, the lyrics are the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, I offer you seven of my favorite blends. They are not my top seven, but they are seven of my favorites.

The artists are listed in alphabetical order. For justice's sake, play ea…

Music Spotlight Tuesday: The 2016 MLK Mass Choir of Dalton, GA

Sunday in my hometown of Dalton, GA, we celebrated our annual Martin Luther King Jr. Ecumenical Service at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

Growing up, our annual Ecumenical Services have always been a big occasion. It is the one time a year when EVERYONE puts aside their respective church programs, denominations, and traditions, to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King.

Along with our annual MLK Service is the MLK Choir.

This year, I was honored to direct the MLK Choir. It was an assembly of voluntary singers and musicians from numerous churches around town.

We had a wonderful time. I truly enjoyed all of the teaching, singing, directing, and dancing all weekend long.

We sang four songs: "We've Come to Lift You Up"- Chicago Mass Choir; "My Hope is Built"- Rev. Timothy Wright; "Whatever It Takes"- O'Landa Draper & The Associates; and "Total Praise"- Richard Smallwood.

We learned the first three in a single night. Hardly anyone l…

President Obama's Last State of the Union Address

Just finished watching President Barack Obama's very last State of the Union Address.

As I watched and listened, I felt a number of emotions: proud, glad, sad, optimistic, strong...

President Obama beat the odds on so many levels. Not just in getting elected as President of the United States twice, but in also accomplishing so much over the past seven years.

President Obama has held the office with class, dignity, courage, and an unrelenting drive to improve the chances of succeeding for all Americans- not just a small faction.

The reporters, analysts, journalists, and people-who-hate-everything will have their say about this last State of the Union Address. But, for this one, I removed all of my ideologies, political and economic views, and simply watched and listened.

As he highlighted in speech, he will continue to work to help as many Americans as he can as his presidency winds down. But, in this very moment, I enjoyed the speech and felt proud to have a leader, such as he, as…