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Resurrection Hip-Hop

This time of year is special. Eyes, minds, and hearts magnify Jesus' resurrection from the dead and the ultimate defeat of death, hell, and the grave for all who trust Him to be their salvation.

I get excited thinking about His glorious victory.

As I have shared before, I am an adamant supporter of gospel hip-hop. As a teenager, this was the music that helped renew my relationship with the Lord. During those years, hip-hop was the only music that I could feel, understand, and relate to. And today, it is still one of my favorite genres, especially with the gospel in it.

As we celebrate Christ' Resurrection, here are seven (7) of my favorite hip-hop songs focusing specificially on Christ's death, burial, resurrection and the salvation we have in Him. Enjoy!

1. Resurrection in Reverse- Dillon Chase
2. Crucifixed- DHIX ft. R-Swift & Sarah Rodriguez
3. On That Cross- Flame
4. He Did That- KJ-52
5. Christ Crucified- Shai Linne
6. Calvary- This'l
7. Via Dolorosa- Young No…

President Obama's Trip to Cuba

Yesterday history was made when President Barack Obama and the First Family arrived in Havana, Cuba.President Obama's visit to Cuba the first by a sitting U.S. President in 90 years. It comes after both countries agreed to reestablish a historically severed relationship.

Since the 1960's, successive U.S. administrations have maintained a policy of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation from Cuba. The sentiments between the two geographically near neighbors was initiated by a prisoner swap followed by a U.S. trade embargo. 

The tumultuous relationship has its beginnings in the Cold War with Fidel Castro seizing power of the Cuba national government in 1959. Castro later increased trade with the Soviet Union, raised taxes on American imports, and misinformed the U.S. about his communist views. As result, President John F. Kennedy levied a full economic embargo on Cuba that included heavy travel restrictions.

The 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and subsequent Cuba-Soviet Union agreem…

Music Spotlight Tuesday: Springtime Music

When the weather is predicted to be in the 70's and 80's, like it was today, and yet it still being "winter," spring fever involuntarily sets in.

With Spring comes newness: flowers bloom, trees bud, and plants start life anew.
Perhaps that's why I tend to listen to R&B- type songs about new beginnings and renewal more than any other style of music in the Spring. Like spring fever, it's not intentional, but it always seems to happen that way. So, to get an early start on the incoming new season, we will spotlight seven songs that remind us of new beginnings and fresh starts. 
It's like the expectation of hope that the future will be better than the past.
Note that each song is rooted in the gospel. As is true for all Music Spotlight Tuesdays, the message in the music is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the only message that truly saves. The styles differ, but the message remains the same.
And, like the new season, when we give our lives to Christ we a…

If They Can Reel, Let Them

What industry creates hundreds of jobs, supports hundreds more, helps revitalize communities, and puts cities on the map???

The Film Industry.

I have been fortunate to see it happen twice so far, one of those times is currently occurring now.

Make no mistake about it, the film industry (making movies and tv shows) accounts for the creation of thousands of jobs and millions more in capital investment.

Even at the city level, I have seen large film crews dine at local restaurants and spend thousands at local shops during their stay in town.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits of the film industry which has grown into a major sector of the Georgia economy.

I am so glad to see it happening and privileged to help bring this exciting activity to Canton!

Here are some cool links that help describe the Film Industry's Economic Impacts:

Motion Picture Association of AmericaGeorgia Department of Economic DevelopmentAtlanta Journal Constitution

Rotary PETS

This weekend I attended the Rotary Peach State PETS Presidents- Elect Training Seminar in Atlanta. It is mandatory training for incoming Rotary Club President- Elects and President- Nominees.

After numerous sessions on a wide variety of topics, I feel much more prepared to become President of the Rotary Club of Canton in July.

The upcoming Rotary year is expected be a very special one because the Annual Rotary International Convention will be held in Atlanta. It is a dual celebration because it will also mark the 100 year anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.

This once-ever event will be on the same scale as the 1996 Summer Olympics with thousands of people from all over the world arriving to Atlanta to celebrate the great work that Rotary does.

Along with the Rotary-specific information I learned, here is what else stood out over the weekend:

Goals Need Accountability. Setting goals alone is not enough. Hold yourself, or have a friend(s) make sure you are held accountable to reach you…

The Economy in the 2016 Election

We are getting closer and closer to the Presidential Election in November.
Republican and Democratic fields are narrowing with each state primary. It's all boiling down to who will be America's 45th President.
I like to pay close attention to candidates' views on the economy. 
- What is their plan to stimulate job creation and work opportunities for every day Americans? - What programs, tax structures, and incentives do they propose to encourage private investment? - What policies would they implement to prevent a recession like the one we just rebounded from?
It is not that matters such as education, energy and the environment, health care, defense, and foreign policy are not as important. However, our policies on other issues hinge on the state of the economy.
As our cities, counties, states, and regions go, so does our nation. Jobs, work opportunities, and entrepreneurship begin in our neighborhoods and towns.
America has to continue to be a GDP-growing machine, much li…

Music Spotlight Tuesday: Hosanna Music! Live Praise & Worship Series

Perhaps no single compilation of music has wielded more influence on modern-day praise and worship than the Hosanna Music! Live Praise & Worship Series.

This series featured live recordings, original songs, written by present-day singers and musicians. These songs did not come from the hymn book.

While singing contemporary-style songs was not a new phenomenon when the Hosanna Music! Series made its debut in the early 1980's, the music was new to the church.

Hosanna Music! made new praise and worship songs accessible worldwide and therefore brought change to congregations that were, doing those times, still being led in devotion by church deacons or choirs and choirs alone.

While there is nothing wrong with that, Hosanna Music! recordings were characterized by their use of guitars, electronic keyboards, original songs, and easy-to-remember lyrics sang directly to God the Father.

The implications of the Hosanna Music! Series are far-reaching, but undoubtedly it revolutionized an…