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Globalization and Protectionism

Our world is connected. Technologically, economically, financially, socially, politically, militarily, and however else, more bridges and partnerships exist now internationally than in any other time in history.

From a jobs and opportunity standpoint, we cannot stop globalization. In the U.S. especially, we are deeply integrated with the rest of the world. Thanks in large part to technological advancement, the world is flat.
Like anything else, there are pros and cons to globalization. The limitations of globalization give birth to the argument of protectionism- how much of the U.S. economy should be off-limits to trade, international commerce, and preservation of American jobs? How "free" is free trade?
Concerns of protectionism are what make current policies like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, NAFTA, and CAFTA cause such a stir domestically.
I am not a protectionist, but I do believe we have to ensure that U.S. entrepreneurs and workers, patent rights, fair trade governanc…

New Music in the Works, Keep the Faith

It's official: I am back in the studio.

It's been a very long time coming.

Equipment breakdowns, discouragement, and temptation to give up and leave music production to the professionals.

That day has come to an end.

Even as I type this I am listening to a song under construction. It's very exciting to be back at it. I won't share all the details yet, but my re-introduction to the world of recorded music will hopefully capture my growth as a musician, student, and listener.

Dear reader, I want to leave you with this: No matter how dark, hopeless, or twisted your situation may be, God can enlighten you, restore your hope, and make what's crooked, straight.

The music I am listening to during the very writing of this post is a testament to God's ability to change any circumstance as long we place our trust in Him.

I appreciate all that God has given me to create a unique sound that gives Him glory.

Remember, waiting time is not wasted time. "They that wait on…

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last Tuesday, the Rotary Club of Canton took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. This came after we donated $1,000 to the ALS Association of Georgia.

This is what living really is: serving others by giving what you have been blessed with. Whether that's time, talent, or treasure- our world is better when we give out of love, kindness, and sincerity.

Take a look at the video of my Club taking the Challenge.

Our Challenge was also highlighted in the Rotary District 6910 Newsletter.

Most importantly, donate to the cause. Given that I'm in Georgia, I recommend the ALS Association of Georgia, but any of the ALS Association's chapters will do. 
Together, we can fight and conquer ALS.

The Big 2-7

I turned 27 today!

This post is a big "Thank You" to everyone for all of the Happy Birthday hugs, kisses, phone calls, text messages, voice messages, Facebook posts, tweets, and gifts. A guy sure is blessed to be surrounded by so much love. It truly means the world. From the bottom of my heart- Thank You!

Service is Responsibility

Service- giving to others, is the response to a known need.

When you take initiative to respond to an evident issue or problem, you automatically transition into a position of service.

Service is when we take our resources, our abilities, our experiences, our passions, and all else within our capacity to solve problems for a cause or for an individual(s).

When we serve, we remove focus from ourselves and place it on others. This enriches their lives and ours and ultimately improves our world.

Service can be thankless, unsung, and downright unappreciated. But, yet is a wellspring of fulfillment and gratitude that receiving cannot match.

To serve is to respond to a problem. To respond to a problem is to serve.

Everyone you know has a need. Your resources, love, and care could be the answer.

NYC Chronicles: The Food

NYC is Food Heaven!

Great restaurants are literally everywhere. For six days in The City That Never Sleeps, my parents and I did not eat one bad meal.

Make no mistake about it, we've got excellent restaurants in the South. But, not nearly the diversity, volume, and cultural authenticity of NYC- all in one place.

From Restaurant Row to Chinatown, from Little Italy to Times Square, from Ray's Pizza to the Westway Diner, food was serious business for the three of us and for NYC's culinary scene.

Here are my top five favorite restaurants (in alphabetical order):

5 Napkin Burger
Dallas BBQ
Mother Burger
The Red Flame Diner
The Westway Diner

To truly experience NYC, you have to taste the place!

Yes, the majority of these are breakfast platters. This guy loves his breakfast!