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Random Thoughts

First of all, I think it's pretty coincidental that I wrote a post with this very same title on this day last year. That was not planned.

Anyways, random thoughts...

Economic developers, be accessible to the businesses you serve. Whether physically or electronically, be nearby. You never know when your help will be needed and you want to be ready to respond in the most effective way. In leadership, you won't make everyone happy. In most groups there are conflicting opinions. As long as everyone knows the vision and mission, disagreements can be worked through.In leadership, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone does. In leadership, never forget that people matter most.A pure heart and right motivations have dramatic impacts on everything else.I'm digging three producers right now: Keith Thomas, Quincy Jones, and Michael Brooks.I'm so glad that the National Museum of African American History and Culture is open. Good night.

Instinct in Ignition

Between the wee hours of Friday morning and today, my creative juices have stirred, my mind intrigued, and passions reignited.

The first sparked came after finishing the seventh chapter of Instinct by Bishop T.D. Jakes. That was followed by this fire-kindling video by Antonio Neal that I shared with several friends. I hope it inspires you, too.

This morning we had Leadership Orientation at church. The gathering was loaded with pertinent information for Community Fellowship Church leaders to align ourselves with the Lord and the mission of the church.

Lastly, today I did something I haven't done since college: I created and tracked an entire song in one session. It took around 4.5 hours of brain-frying studio work, but worth it. Additionally, I'm looking forward to more as I praise and worship the Lord in music tomorrow.

For you, dear reader, remove any blocks, thoughts, notions, and perceived tendencies that keep you from creating like you know you can and should. The world ne…

GEDA Annual Conference 2016

I'm writing from the beautiful and historic city of Savannah, GA at the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA) Annual Conference.

This conference, my third now, has become a hallmark of my year, both as a professional and a person as I get to reflect on the year and catch up with colleagues around the State.

It always take me back to my internship at the Metro Atlanta Chamber in the summer of 2012 when I first heard about GEDA. I recall not being able to afford membership dues. Fast forward to last year's annual conference when I was selected as a speaker at one of the breakout sessions.

Persistence and dedication can take you anywhere.

As for the conference itself, there's been some great presentations and panel discussions about workforce development, education, entrepreneurship (which went in depth about growth trends in makerspace labs, innovation, and crowdfunding), and an update of economic development accomplishments across the State by Georgia Department of…

Smooth Jazz

The sounds of contemporary or smooth jazz has really captured my musical attention as of recent.

At first I only thought of smooth jazz as nothing more than instrumental r&b. That is until I gave the genre further listening.

What kind of music changes sequences and melodies so frequently that sometimes only the chorus is reminiscent of the beginning? -- Without the use of an orchestra.

Jazz is the answer.

A beginning-to-present study of jazz clearly depicts the music's evolution to bluesy and electronically-driven smooth jazz destination of where we are today.

A few artists have emerged as some of my favorites already: George Duke, Wayman Tisdale, Norman Brown, Boney James, Dave Koz, Jeff Lorber, and Jonathan Fritzen.

There are also others like Ramsey Lewis, Ben Tankard, Jonathan Butler, and Take 6 who blend other genres into their sound whether its gospel, r&b, or straight ahead jazz.

But, no matter how it comes, smooth jazz has this head of mine bouncing with flavorful m…

The Radical Piano

As I have stated before, I am back in the studio. Back to recording music. Back to spending many hours in the lab churning musical ideas into connected realities.

Ever since I purchased Reason 9 in July, it has been fun experimenting and creating with this high-tech software. The team at Propellerheads makes it easy to be musical.

One of the rack extensions available in Reason 9 is the Radical Piano. It does not come standard with Reason. As a Reason user since 2003, the Radical Piano is the very first rack extension I have ever purchased. It is worth every penny!

Radical Piano allows you to customize your own piano sound- however you like. Sounds and outcomes are infinite.

The Radical Piano helps highlight the power and transcendence of the piano in any genre music and with any sound. It will definitely be heard in much of my new material.

This video shares information about the Radical Piano rack extension.

Metro Atlanta FDI

Today I attended a luncheon at the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) centered around the Metro Atlanta Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Plan.

The Metro Atlanta FDI Plan comes in partnership with MAC's participation in the Global Cities Initiative (GCI) along with the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase.

The Atlanta Metro Export Plan (MEP) is one of the avenues by which regional, civic, business, and political leaders are engaged to help build strategies and relationships to raise awareness of the plan and grow area businesses. It also features grants funded by JPMorgan Chase for businesses exporting internationally.

At its core, the plan is rooted in job creation and business growth- both core components for economic development.

Click this link to learn more.