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Founding Brothers

Founding Brothers is a well-written narrative of the intricate relationships among America's Founding Fathers.

While there are several among the Revolutionary Generation who were instrumental to winning America's independence and laying the foundation for our democracy, Founding Brothers chronicles the correspondence of seven of them:

George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning gives an inside look how ideologies, differences, and informal relationships established the institutional and framework that is still intact today.

The details in Founding Brothers are outstanding. Author Joseph J. Ellis went above and beyond on intricate facts that are seamlessly woven on each page.

Everything from the famous duel that ended Hamilton's life, the location of the Nation's Capital, slavery policy, Washington's Farewell Address, to the introduction of party politics are all co…

On Cities

Cities are the centers for job creation.

Cities are where ideas, creativity, innovation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership happen. 
All jobs are local. 
Cities are where the fuel of human energy creates jobs and opportunities.
I always think of places like San Francisco and Silicon Valley: there is a culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship like nowhere else on the planet. 
San Fran and Silicon Valley are under the same federal government as anywhere else in the US, but what differentiates them from other cities are the people, cultures, events, and institutions comprising their makeup. 
These characteristics make all the difference.
Think of New York City (finance, real estate, entertainment and fashion), Washington (government and politics), Los Angeles (film), Nashville (music), Orlando (automation).

For all of these cities (perhaps your city, too), there are people, places, and institutions, supporting the growth and development of these clusters of innova…